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Using DoBot Robots to Train Our Jr. Astronuats, Scientists and Engineers

Ten students from the Long Beach Unified School District's CAMS (California Academy of Mathemtics and Science) High School have received fellowships to study with Bob Barboza and his engineers and scientists working on builidng Tiger Teams for the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures STEAM++ Program.   We have created custom software and training materials to intergreate our new astronuat hardware and software tools.

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2017 NASA Astronaut Candidates

NASA's 2017 astronaut candidates stop to take a group photo while getting fitted for flight suits at Ellington Field near NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

After receiving a record-breaking number of applications to join an exciting future of space exploration, NASA has selected its largest astronaut class since 2000. Rising to the top of more than 18,300 applicants, NASA chose these 12 women and men as the agency’s new astronaut candidates. Pictured are, front row, left to right, Zena Cardman, Jasmin Moghbeli, Robb Kulin, Jessica Watkins, Loral O'Hara; back row, left to right, Jonny Kim, Frank Rubio, Matthew Dominick, Warren Hoburg, Kayla Barron, Bob Hines, and Raja Chari.

Image Credit: NASA

Barboza Space Center High School  Astronaut Support Tiger Teams

Our CAMS (California Academy of Mathematics and Science Tiger Team) received a fellowship to participate in our Occupy Mars Learning Adventures STEAM++ Summer Training Program.   We are training Jr. astronauts, engineers and scientists to prototype challenges faced  by NASA, Boeing and Space X.   We are offering innovative ideas that will help future astronauts.

How would you like to showcase your robots at one of our Los Angeles of Long Beach events?  All you need to do is to send a photo of your robot with information and your contact information.   Bob Barboza will contact you to make all of the arrangemtns.   Contact

The First Annual Barboza Space Center's Robot Showcase

We are using citizen science to help our communities to unstand robots and  science experiments for Mars.