The Drone Video

The Mars Learning Adventures

Our USA student "Tiger Teams" are learning about designing Mars settlements and research centers..   We are partnering with high school students in the Republic of Cabo Verde.  Together, we will study volcanoes on both Mars and Earth.   We are exploring  school of the future design ideas for our "First School on Mars" project-based learning missions.

What is it like to have a volcano in the backyard of your local high school?

What is so special about the soil surrounding this volcano on Fogo Island, Cabo Verde?

Can you help us by pointing us in the direction of more information about volcanoes on Mars?

We welcome your comments.

The Uninhabited Island of Santa Luzia, in the Republic of Cabo Verde

  • Can you simulate working on Mars by using an uninhabited island on Earth?
  • What has to be done to grow food on the island of Santa Luzia?
  • How do you use drones to conduct research on Santa Luzia without getting in the way of the birds?
  • What would it be like to spend four months on an uninhabited island?
  • Can we train analog astronauts on an uninhabited island?
  • What would have to do to live underground on Santa Luzia island?
  • How would you design a Martain Habitat on Santa Luzia Island?
  • What is the very best way to protect Santa Luzia island?
  • How do we study Santa Luzia Island from a distance?
  • How can we support the biologists that are caring for Santa Luzia Island?

More information about our work in the Republic of Cabo Verde.  Click on the links below.

Super School

Kids Talk Radio LA

Flying Helichopters of Mars

  • Organize all experiments in California
  • Work with Tiger Team on the Air Force Base
  • Communicate with the Tiger Team in the Republic of Cabo Verde
  • Work with Barboza Space Center Mars Researcxh and Development Team
  • Design all final tests for the Island of Santa Luzia
  • Send results to Standford University Mathematic's Department, Bridgewater State University,  JPL, MIT, and NASA

Learning About Mars Rovers

  • Study the 2020 (Perseverance Mar's Rover) 
  • Build a model Mars Rover
  • Create a Podcast explaining the Mars Rover.

Space Photography: Mars Four K

  • Practice in Cabo Verde on the Islands of Fogo and Santa Luzia
  • Complete the Barboza Space Center Space Photography course work from a distance.
  • Produce a podcast for Kids Talk Radio Science
  • Watch this video and take notes in your Astronaut's Training Journal

Welcome to the island of Fogo in the Republic of Cabo Verde

This is the site of the new Barboza Space Center at Pidero Pires High School in Cabo Verde.  It is on the island of Fogo.  This video will take you on the adventure.  Questions:

Our  Fogo Active Volcano Part One

Our high school students in the Republic of Cabo Verde have a real volcano in their school district.  They are going to be our partner as we explore the volcanoes on Earth and Mars.   

Fogo Volcano Part Two

Students in the USA and Cabo Verde  are studying volcanoes on Fogo Island in the Republic of Cabo Verde.

We are studying volcanoes on Earth and Mars Part Three

We are looking for information about volcanoes on Mars.  Can you help us?

Conducting Mars Related STEAMD++ Research in the Republic of Cabo Verde

  • Tiger Team Junior Astronaut Training in Cabo Verde
  • Learn about the uninhabited island of Santa Luzia
  • Study the volcano on the island of Fogo.
  • Help to train a Junior astronaut on special assignment at the Barboza Space Center Tiger Team program in Cape Verde .
  • Be  involved in Mars related distance learning at Pedro Pirese High School.
  • Study and introdu tion to astrogeology, geology, physics, astronomy, astrosociology, astrobotany chemistry, astrochemistry and use the new Astronaut Backpacks for water, soil and marine science.

For more information contqact:

Barboza Space Center

  • How can we connect students in the USA with students in Cabo Verde?
  • How can we help each other with additive manufaturing at a distance?
  • How do we network in STEM, STEAM, and STEAMD++?
  • How do we establish a Barboza Space Center on all ten islands in Cabo Verde?
  • Contatact Bob Barboza at

Meet Cape Verdean Pilot Betty Hernandez

Betty Fernandez is a USA pilot for Sky West Airlines.  She is now working with Bob Barboza, CEO of the Barboza Space Center and Capt. Willie Daniels, President of Shades of Blue Aviation.  Betty was a featured presentor with Bob Barboza and will be teaching aviation with Capt. Willie Daniels .  Other presenters represented K-9 dogs, FBI, TSA community Build, and space and aviation.